Beatty Cohan Interviews presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on her ASK BEATTY show


Beatty Cohan, MSW, LCSW, AASECT



Join Beatty Cohan: “The Pillars of Emotional Well Being and Brain Health” Panel discussion, Renewal Summit 2019 - Saturday, May 11th at The Center, 208 W. 13th Street, New York City

Episode #5: Rate Your Mate and Finding Mr. Right with Beatty Cohan

Lift Your Legacy: How to love, marry, and find happiness according to the expert - with psychotherapist and radio personality Beatty Cohan and Rabbi Jacob Rupp (published on and also

It is a pleasure to confirm your valuable contribution to the sex and marriage column that I write for Parent’s Magazine.  I hope that you can also work on the Ladies Home Journal column, “Can This Marriage Be Saved’.  Your wide range of expertise on family and marital problems, combined with your personal insights make you a wonderful resource and colleague.

          -- Holly Robinson, Contributing Editor Ladies Home Journal Magazine



         Beatty has made hundreds of television appearances over the years.  Here are some of her highlights:

  • The Daily Show

  • The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson (FOX)

  • Your World With Neil Cavuto (FOX) - Adult Children Moving Back Home

  • The Willis Report with Gerri Willis (FOX) - How to Spot a Liar

  • PIX11 (FOX) - Beatty's psychological analysis of Chris Brown

  • Live on the Couch (CBS); Entertainment Tonight; EXTRA;

  • ABC 7 Sarasota; Nancy Grace; Issues, with Jane Velez-Mitchell

  • Court TV; Tru TV; In Sessions; FOX News; Sally Jessy Raphael; Jenny Jones

  • Daytime WFLA, NBC Affiliate (Tampa) - Resident on-air psychotherapist

  • WBAL, NBC Affiliate (Baltimore)

  • WLNEABC Affiliate (Providence) - Resident on-air psychotherapist for 3 years; also 10-part Special on the Evening News

  • WJARNBC Affiliate (Providence) -  Resident on-air psychotherapist and sex therapist

  • WFTSABC Affiliate (Tampa) - Resident on-air psychotherapist and sex therapist for 2 years

  • WEDUPBS Affiliate (Tampa) - Special

  • WFXTFOX Affiliate (Boston)

  • WRGBCBS Affiliate (Albany) - 10-part Special on the Evening News for 10 consecutive evenings



          Beatty has been an expert guest on hundreds of national and local radio shows.  She currently hosts ASK BEATTY, a live call-in show on the Progressive Radio Network every Monday evening from 7-8 p.m. She is a 'go to' guest for Geraldo and for hundreds of local and national radio stations in the United States and Canada. She made her radio debut in Providence in 1990, where she hosted Rhode Island's first call-in counseling talk show on WPRO, the number one News/Talk station in Rhode Island. She also hosted a Sports Psychology show, ASK BEATTY and enjoyed debating and discussing psychological issues with baseball, football, hockey and tennis coaches, managers and players.  Her most memorable interview was with Arthur Ash at the 1992 US Open, just weeks before he announced to the world that he had AIDS. 


Progressive Radio Network - Listen to the "ASK BEATTY" Archives

Valentine's Day - Beatty and Gary Null Talk About LOVE !  - Gary Null's Progressive Commentary Hour, on

Beatty Cohan was recently a special guest on Love Sujeiry on SiriusXM radio with host Sujeiry Gonzalez, American Latino Radio, Ch 154

Beatty with host Sujeiry Gonzalez of Love Sujeiry

Beatty modelling at a fundraiser for the Women's Resource Center at the Ritz in Sarasota, FL.




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The Diana Montford Show: How to Have a Good Sex Life - with therapist Beatty Cohan

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Beatty at Orthodox Union
Rate Your Mate Before It's Too Late

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Beatty on Fox News: The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson
Ebola vs. Flu: What Should You Be Concerned About?

Beatty on Encore Revive Premium Penis Pump

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Beatty on Fox Business: The Willis Report
How To Spot a Liar



Beatty's book

Beatty's book

          My book, For Better, For Worse, Forever:  Discover the Path to Lasting Love, teaches readers my 10-step formula, already successfully used by thousands of men and women for assessing who’s right or wrong for you before committing to any serious relationship. It's a formula that changes the way that you will look at relationships forever, and may even save your life. Click HERE to order. 

If every person falling in love used Beatty’s powerful formula for relationship success, the divorce rate would plummet. Remove your blinders and read her book. You will learn to prevent relationship problems before they even begin!

          -- Dr. Paul Coleman, Author 30 Secrets of Happily Married Couples