As a college speaker I have tried to concentrate on what every college student needs to learn about relationships today. 

Themes have focused on the following student concerns:

  • Hooking–up and breaking up is the norm these days for most relationships
  • Dating abuse (emotional, physical, sexual) is at an all -time high
  • Students are tired of relationships that go nowhere and are puzzled and frustrated that they frequently end up with the wrong partner.

The fact is that it’s not their fault.  We can’t blame them because they weren’t taught the ingredients that go into a successful and healthy relationship and are therefore in no position to be able to assess who’s right or wrong for them.

My Rate Your Mate BEFORE It’s Too Late:  Never Make a Mistake in Love Again! presentation informs, educates, empowers and helps keep students safer. My book For Better, for Worse, Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love offers students a guide to help them through the maze of relationships. College students, as all of us, need the knowledge and tools that will enable us to succeed in one of the most important areas of our life --- having a healthy, happy and satisfying relationship.

Beatty's book

Beatty's book