You are amazing! As I said, I was so impressed with your knowledge base and clinical sophistication. You are my new BFF! 😊

Kimberly Resnick Anderson LCSW, Host: Sex Savvy Podcast
AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine

A gifted and dynamic speaker, Beatty Cohan delivers a message that could literally save your life!  A passionate advocate for healthy relationships, "Never Make a Mistake in Love Again" (one of several workshops created by Beatty), summarizes many decades of wisdom,
Clinical practice, and experience into 10 easy steps that truly can provide a path to lasting love. 

-- Anne Akers, Founder/Editor in Chief, GLOW Beauty, Health & Wellness Magazine

Cheryl Benton:  Wonderful!

Gabrielle Carlson: Beautiful inside and out-and just as potent! Beatty resonates.

Barbara D'Antonio:  Fabulous engaging evening with a brilliant insightful woman.  It was amazing and we need to get Beatty global!

Beatty is brilliant! We need to gather forces and place her message on the map of mindsets across the nation!

Deborah Farkash:  Beatty has great insight!

Norma Neal: Such an important topic! Most women have no idea the magnitude of this problem!

Diane DiResta:  Beatty was definitely a knockout!

Leena Gurevich:  I was so impressed last night.  Beatty was simply AMAZING!

Joan Pagano:  Solid support for creating healthy relationships!

Kira Citron:  F.O.B. (Friends of Beatty) for sure!  This message needs to be amplified.

Jan Mercer Dahms:  Thank you for a fabulous evening!!

Sharon Marantz Walsh:  Beatty holds her audience in the palm of her hand and leaves them wanting more and more.  One terrific lady!

Shelly Simpson:  Beatty Cohan brings incredible passion and insight to her work.  We can all benefit from her understanding of human relationships and how to connect with each other in a healthy way.

Daniel Curtis, 42: Thank you so much for your"are you dating a near emotional manipulator" read! I had been in a horrendous relationship with somebody for years eventually ending years ago then was really guarded and felt I'd possibly be like this continually. Recently I met somebody else who couldn't get enough of me the first couple of weeks telling me she loved me and really going over the top with it. I was easily manipulated by this woman but ended things right from the offset to be tricked again  back into the relationship for a further couple of weeks. Reading your article really has helped me put things in perspective and knew all along I was right about her initially thought love had found me and immediately suggested that we never lose respect for each other or go down that path ever. It's reassuring now after your read I most definitely am not going to ever be tricked this way again where I was continually having to reassure this lady and be as supportive as possible though can see clearly now, as I first did initially detect her manipulative and twisting ways, finding out she has a large family of children, possibly failed marriages and is a continual Internet dater type of person. How silly do I feel letting this person close and believing all her rubbish after years of being on my own after a painstakingly horrible relationship with my previous partner who in fact, is exactly the same as the description you describe in your article. Follow one's instincts, I will never allow this to happen to myself again and am really naive, too trusting and obviously not meeting the right type of people generally. Never had this problem ever before and attracted the right people when seen out happy and enjoying myself which unfortunately I haven't been doing so in a decade now. Really helpful read and thank you again!